2023-02-28 EU Petition
Abuse of bioenergy is costly and leads to damage to health

The SBRS concept is presented by BAS-konsult AB according to the NABC model-20230314
The SBRS concept is presented by BAS-konsult AB according to the NABC model-supplement-20230314

2023-02-21 Planning of unsustainable system
Malmö is planning a sewer tunnel and a new wastewater treatment plant-20230221-RS BS

Biogas plant for Idre, Sweden-a discussion paper20221209-RS

2022-04-29 Appeal – innovate the most important survival systems-VINNOVA-2022-RS

2022-03-10 Biogas instead of fossil natural gas -RS 20220314

2021-04-19 Contribution to the Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity (GSOBI21)
SBRS-Copy of application 2021-RS

2021-03-27 Local circular systems
Local circular system must replace the central linear ones 2021-03 RS

2021-02-13 Contribution to EIP-AGRI seminar ’Healthy soils for Europe: sustainable management through knowledge and practice’.
Sustainable biological conversion methods for Renewable Organic Material-RS

2021-01-27 Conference on ”Financing the Renovation Wave”
27/01/2021: 14:00 – 17:00  Renovation of the European building stock
Contribution to the online Conference on Financing the Renovation Wave-2021 RS

2020-11-20 Message to UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development
Message to UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs-RS

2020-11-20 Which organization is interested in efficient use of BIOENERGY and the reuse of the ESSENTIAL CHEMICAL ELEMENTS?
Essential chemical elements & bioenergy-RS.

2020-11-12 To speakers at Water Day on 12 November 2020
Protect water – do not shit in water-RS

2020-11-02 Comments on: Impacts on agriculture and food
policies OCT 22, 2020
Degrade or upgrade our living environment -RS

2020-06-30 From brochure ”Profitability in the right way” page 11 and 13
Biogas and biofertilizer from a ton of raw material
Scenario for a city

2020-04-20 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day
Contribution to the Earth Optimism Alliance – a global movement aimed at fundamentally changing how we frame, discuss and deliver conservation, on the ground, in workplaces, and in our everyday lives.
2020-04-20 Contribution to IFPRI seminar-RS

2020-02-04 Presentation on meeting organized by Smart City Sweden, Nordic Solutions for C40, Swedish Energy Agency, Urban Tech Sweden and Urbs, Nordic Heat.
Bioenergy in Renewable Organic Material to electricity + heat + cooling BAS BIO 20200204 RS

2020-01-14  Sustainable system for recycling of plant nutrients (SBRS)
DRAFT Hållbart system för återvinning av växtnäring RS 20191205

2020-01-02 Biogas plant for Optimum Solids Anaerobic Digestion (OSAD)

2019-06-02 Tävlingsbidrag till ”Cleantech Innovation Challenge
Mål: Avfall & cirkulär ekonomi
SBRS – Cleantech Innovation Challenge 2019 RS BS

2019-05-15 Tävlingsbidrag till ”Stora innovationsdagen”- Östersjön behöver din hjälp
Mål: Förhindra att läkemedelsrester når Östersjön
Sluta skita i Östersjön – RS,BS

2019-01-27 To European Committee of the Regions and Mr Michele Emiliano
Position paper A Clean Planet for all-RS

2018-11-26 Device for collecting food waste in foil of biomaterial
CWF-BAS 2018 eng

2018-07-09 The toilet of the future Collection Closet BAS

Food and toilet waste as raw material for production of biogas and biofertilizers
Food and toilet waste-RS

2015 Innovationstävling Helsingborg
00 Tävlingsinbjudan_final
0-Inledning RS BS
1-Användarna RS BS
2 Anläggning RS BS
2a Anläggning-bilaga 1 RS BS
2b Avloppsreningsverk sid 1-RS
2c Avloppsreningsverk sid 2-RS
3-Kök och Badrum RS BS

4 Resursoptimering RS BS
Bilaga till innovationstävling: Utdrag ur ” Your Body, Renewable Organic Waste and the Environment – Sustainable Management of Solid and Liquid
Waste – “SOLIWA” “ 4b Helhetsl+Âsning-f+Ârslag RS 2002

2003 Suggestion for management of waste and wastewater
Concept SOLIWA 2013-RS

EU proposals
0-2002 EoI-int_26219 – RS
1-2002 SUMAWA – RS
2-2003 ESOLIRE – RS
3-2003 CANIBSER – RS