Presentations in Prague for DANUBE & INSPIRE
RS 2018 Danube; RS 2018 Sustainable cities

Biomaterial from GAIA in Helsingborg, Sweden
EUBP_BP_Bioplastic_films_in_mechanical_recycling_streams April 2015

Energy transformations in biological systems
Future generations do not need to live in polluted environments-2017-RS

Energy-efficient management of materials that originate from the plant and animal kingdom contained in waste and wastewater
Recycling Closet automatic (RCaut) RCaut presentation 2017-RS
Sustainable smart cities are possible only when management of renewable organic material  (ROM) in the waste is sustainable.
ROM is material originating in the plant and animal kingdom within the time frame 1000 years.
Interdependence between rural and urban – RS
Conf. Workplace Challenges 2017-RS
BioTransForm seeks enthusiasts (with or without resources) to help accelerate development and introduction of the following equipment:
* Recycling Food Waste automatic (RFWaut) for easy-to-use and hygienic food waste collection system to prevent losses of bioenergy and plant nutrients while improving work environment at every stage – from the kitchen to the biogas plant.
* Recycling Closet automatic (RCaut) for hygienic and resource-saving handling of urine, feces and toilet paper – instead of WC.
* Local efficient and hygienic biogas plant BTF with high-tech G & G systems to produce biogas and biofertilizers.
* Local and efficient biological purification plant for gray water BioH2O
All of the above-mentioned equipments will be part of the Sustainable Biological Recycling System (SBRS) which includes residues and waste that originate from the plant and animal kingdom and is the base for BIOECONOMY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY
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2012-02-12 Bioenergy – Compare three methods of use