BioTransForm seeks enthusiasts (with or without resources) to help accelerate the introduction of the following equipment:
* Recycling Food Waste automatic (RFWaut) for easy-to-use and hygienic food waste collection system to prevent losses of bioenergy and plant nutrients while improving work environment at every stage – from the kitchen to the biogas plant.
* Recycling Closet automatic (RCaut) for hygienic and resource-saving handling of urine, feces and toilet paper – instead of WC.
* Local efficient and hygienic biogas plant BTF with high-tech G & G systems to produce biogas and biofertilizers.
* Local and efficient biological purification plant for gray water BioH2O
All of the above-mentioned equipment will be part of the Sustainable Biological Recycling System (SBRS) which is the base for BIOECONOMY and CIRCULAR ECONOMY