BAS-konsult AB offers consultation on strategic innovations in waste and sewage which are necessary to achieve the 17 goals set in Agenda 2030.
Decision makers at all levels, planners and all interested parties are welcome to contact us at rsvedelius@hotmail.com  or birger@bas-konsultab.se

Brev till Ursula von der Leyen, Europeiska Kommissionens ordförande – 20240621-RS

Elections for the European Parliament take place 6-9 June 2024
How do the EU elections affect you-RS
 Valet till Europaparlamentet äger rum den 6-9 juni 2024
Hur påverkar EU-valet dig-RS
Volby do Evropského parlamentu jsou 7. a  8. června 2024.
Jak vás ovlivňují volby do EU-RS

Energy community – SBRS concept 20240307-RS

2023-12-18 To Swedish Members of Parliament
Sustainable and inclusive growth is only possible on fertile soils-RS-20231218

Questions to CONSILIUM.EUROPA.EU-RS-20231216 

2023-11-26 Protect lives with sustainable development
Protect lives with sustainable development-RS

2023-02-08  Petition to EU
Abuse of bioenergy is costly and leads to damage to health
Petition status updated 20230523

2022-11-14 Message to COP27
Clean energy, water, air, and cities, sustainable crop production and lower costs for residents thanks to the SBRS concept-RS

2022-11-09 Message to COP27
To brave people at COP27-20221109-RS

2022-09-29 Protect the water with local production of electricity, heat, cooling, and biofertilizer
Protect the water with local production of electricity, heat, cooling, and biofertilizer-2022-RS-BS

2022-05-17 Presentation of SBRS concept
From Photosynthesis-to-Photosynthesis SBRS concept-RS BS

BioTransForm is handled by Ruzena Svedelius, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Agronomy from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her research area is the recycling of plant nutrients related to bioenergy, circulation of all for life essential chemical elements as well as holistic approaches to bioeconomy which is a vital component of circular economy.

2022-07-07 BioTransForm is looking for partners to accelerate the introduction of the SBRS concept, which stands for ”Sustainable Biological Recycling System” to accelerate the transition to a knowledge-based sustainable society.   
SBRS concept is looking for partners for collaboration 20220707-RS BS

The aim is to accelerate the transition of waste and sewage systems and thereby minimize pollution, increase ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable use of bioenergy and the essential chemical elements that are found in organic material. Current methods cause pollution, costly losses and negatively affect the environment, health, economy, and climate.

2021-08-29 VISION for 2040 (https://futureu.europa.eu)
By 2040, the air and water are clean, food is healthy, and weapons are banned – RS 2021


CV Ruzena Svedelius 2020